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The Made in Baltimore Kiosk online store.

This holiday season, Open Works is partnering with Made In Baltimore to make it easy for you to shop local and support Baltimore makers! Through January, we’ll be featuring products made exclusively by the Open Works community on the Made in Baltimore Kiosk in our lobby, and here in our online store!

Looking for Open Works gift cards, apparrel, make at home kits, or our popular Beasties? You can find all that and more on our main store page.

Artist Rikiesha Metzger

Artist Rikiesha Metzger creates Wooden ornaments and zines for Kwanzaa.

The Boutique Life

The Boutique Life offers handcrafted custom made accessories with a minimalist design. 

B. Meraki Naturals

Plant-Based Skincare for All Skin Types

Keppel and Kismet

Keppel and Kismet a woman-owned & operated creative studio specializing in small consumer products made from wood.

Black Butterfly Academy

The Afrofuturist learning game is a fun and creative way for youth and adults to unpack how cities created urban apartheid by design.

Maxi Cif Designs

Simple, ethical, sterling silver jewelry, inspired by the earth and moon.

Namascents Candle Co

Soy candles and home fragrances

Warped Vortex

Inspired by anime, sci-fy, different cultures, pop culture, and fashion.

The Pop Witch

Colorful, witchy 12-month planners.

Rikiesha Metzger

Artist Rikiesha Metzger creates Wooden ornaments and zines for Kwanzaa. The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa are printed on each ornament and zine which include: unity (Umoja), self-determination (Kujichagulia), collective work and responsibility (Ujima), cooperative economics (Ujamaa), purpose (Nia), creativity (Kuumba), and faith (Imani)


Brittany Palmer from B. Meraki Naturals.

B. Meraki Naturals is a homemade, all natural, vegan/plant-based skincare line for all skin types. Products ranges from facial cleansers, serums & oils, body scrubs, body butters, shower/ body washes & much more!


Lawrence Brown of Black Butterfly Academy

Lawrence T. Brown is a writer, scholar, game creator, and urban Afrofuturist. Dr. Brown is the author of “The Black Butterfly: The Harmful Politics of Race and Space in America.”

He is the founder and director of the Black Butterfly Academy LLC, an educational consulting firm. He is also serving as a research scientist with the Center for Urban Health Equity at Morgan State University.

The Boutique Life

The Boutique Life offers originally designed handcrafted accessories that are unique and versatile to help you get more out of your accessories. It is a pandemic born business founded by it’s designer and maker Samantha Montgomery. The Boutique’s vision is to uplift and inspire through vibrant prints and intentional design, that helps you to be more mindful of the things you carry around each day and how much joy it gives you!


Halle Gonzalez of Home of the Ambitionist.

Home of the Ambitionist offers interior design consulting, custom artwork, and handcrafted/ hand poured and custom pigmented concrete items. Those items include Concrete Candles, Concrete Holders, and Concrete figurines.


Nichole Sullivan of Keppel and Kismet

Nichole Sullivan is the founder and Chief Maker of Keppel and Kismet, LLC., a creative design studio and small batch manufacturer of “gifty goods made of wood”. Born, raised, and educated in Baltimore City, Nichole has a long-held passion to be among the creative landscape of Baltimore. Keppel and Kismet uses digital fabrication and woodworking to create products for their own brand and that of other artists, makers and small and micro businesses. We are the Maker’s Maker!


Maxi Cif Designs

Maxi Cif Designs is a one-woman company, striving to create simple, ethical, sterling silver jewelry, inspired by the earth and moon.


Namascents Candle Co

Namascents Candle Co is a Black-women-LGBTQ+ owned and operated lifestyle soy candle and home fragrance company. They produce quality goods that scent your spaces with a feel good vibe. Namascents Candle Co products are made in small batches, in Baltimore, MD and are eco-friendly, sustainable and cruelty free.


Pop Witch<br />

The Pop Witch: Pam Adams (she/they) is a queer, Black multidisciplinary artist, birth doula, and witch living in Baltimore, MD with their partner and two small children. Pam has been studying witchcraft since 2016. Her work has been featured in Witch Way Magazine, on the Fat Feminist Witch podcast, and on The Devoe Show. When they aren’t making weird magical art, Pam can be found writing punk songs, listening to fantasy audiobooks, or talking to trees.


Stoked Style
STOKED STYLE’s furnishing vision honors a furnishings’ past. She approaches each piece with respect for the individual maker and the users by allowing their imprints to shine through each piece. Stocked Style is a remaker, not a refinisher.


Warped Vortex

Hello Be-You-tiful! I go by ‘Vortex’. My business, Warped Vortex Art, was born with a passion of expressionism, creativity, and a hefty thirst for learning new skills and not being afraid of a little chemistry. A lot of my creations and inspirations are influenced by anime, sci-fi, different cultures, pop culture, anything whimsical and fashion. For the past few years I have been developing an appreciation for mixed media art, woodworking, and bringing them to life using glow in the dark epoxy, sewing thread, and vinyl. At the end of the day, I’m just a Nerdy Craftsperson.


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